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Intellectual Property Policy

We intend to film and take photos during the sports sessions for purposes including training, promotion, fundraising and education. Please note that the photos and video footage may be available for viewing by the general public via our website and social media platforms.

Data Protection Policy
All personal/private information provided to Globall LLC, will be treated with the strictest confidentiality, kept on a secure database and under no circumstances be made available to any third parties.

Insurance Policy

Participants must have their own insurance. Sports All Year will accept no liability for accidents and injuries.

For those looking for an independent sports insurance, we recommend using "Sports Anzen".

Although insurance claims can be assisted by Sports All Year. We will not accept responsibility for rulings made by Sports Anzen following insurance claims. In opting for insurance, it is understood that Sports All Year and affiliates will accept no responsibility for accidents and injuries, including those resulting in death, provided that the accident or injury was in no way cause by the negligence of Sports All Year staff.

Sports All Year coaching staff have their own 3rd party insurance coverage and annually sign a child protection code of conduct by both Sports All Year and the International School of the Sacred Heart.

See link below for coverage that can be be claimed in the event of an incident.​

For further information or assistance with insurance please contact us