These rules apply for the duration of the sports class and whilst on the school/gym premises.
Violation of the below rules will result in the staff asking you to not participate in further events and will immediately contact parents.
Student athletes must listen to the staff, and be courteous and respectful at all times
• S
tudent athletes are expected to behave and keep noise levels down as soon as entering the compound. We are not the only    ones using the facilities
• We ask that the student athletes stay in the designated areas and not wander around the school
• Please keep the facilities clean
• Student athletes will be held responsible for any damages caused to the facilities
• No alcohol, cigarettes and illegal substances shall be possessed or consumed
Student athletes must attend all workouts, team games, challenges and team meetings
• Indoor sneakers only, the shoes you wear outside are not allowed
• No fighting or use of abusive words towards 
other student athletes and staff
• Only registered student athletes are allowed onto the court. Family members are asked to watch from the viewing areas
• Most importantly, WORK HARD & HAVE FUN!!!

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