Groups will be divided by age and ability. If the numbers allow, we will hold separate classes for girls and boys

Payment method will be via bank transfer

2018 - 2019 FEES

Annual Registration Fee

GroupAnnual Fee
Starters(5-7 years old)¥10,000
Rookies(7-10 years old)¥10,000
Ballers(10-14 years old)¥12,000
All Stars(14-18 years old)


Includes administration fee and tax(8%)

  • Families registering more than 1 child will receive a 50% reduction off the registration fee
  • Sacred Heart(ISSH) students will receive a 15% reduction off the registration fee
  • ​Returning members receive 50% off the registration fee

Fee per class

Group Fee
Starters(5-7 years old)¥2,000
Rookies(7-10 years old)¥2,500
Ballers(10-14 years old)¥3,000
All Stars(14-18 years old)¥3,500

Starters5 - 71 hour
Rookies7 - 101 hour
Ballers10 - 142 hours
All Stars14 - 182 Hours

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